Sarah Beth Durst


ISBN: 9781328973429


a middle grade novel
by Sarah Beth Durst
coming May 2019 from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt / Clarion Books

Even the quietest voice can change the world.

Storm beasts and their guardians create perfect weather every day, and Mina longs for a storm beast of her own. But when the shy, gentle girl bonds with a lightning beast -- a creature of fire and chaos -- everyone's certain it's a mistake. Everyone but Mina and the beast himself, Pixit. Quickly enrolled in lightning school, Mina struggles to master a guardian's skills, and she discovers that idyllic weather comes at a devastating cost -- a cost powerful people wish to hide. Mina's never been the type to speak out, but someone has to tell the truth, and, with Pixit's help, she resolves to find a way to be heard.

*     *     *

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