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Roar and Sparkles Go to School

ISBN: 9780762459865

Roar and Sparkles Go to School

a picture book
by Sarah Beth Durst
illustrated by Ben Whitehouse
available now from Hachette / Running Press Kids

Let first-day-of-school worries soar away with Roar and Sparkles!

Roar is worried about his first day of school. He's worried that he'll have to do really hard things, like molt his scales or fly over a volcano. And what if his teacher doesn't like dragons?

Big sister Sparkles reassures Roar that school is fun! And when the first day arrives, Roar finds his worries melt away. He meets new friends, plays dragon games, listens to fun stories, and finds a way to thank his sister for her support.

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"The lively details of Roar's daily life might be just enough to let readers temporarily forget about their own back-to-school nervousness." -- Publishers Weekly

"Readers will enjoy the peek at dragon life." -- Kirkus

"This book will comfort young ones just starting school and show older siblings how they can help." -- School Library Journal

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